Monday, March 09, 2009

Lentil and sweet potato samosas

These vegetarian samosas are adapted from an excellent puff pastry cookbook which the folks at Pampas kindly sent me. As with most Indian food, start by frying a finely chopped onion and a garlic clove. Then add 1 tablespoon curry paste, juice of half a lemon, a drained can of lentils and 300 g cooked vegetables -- here boiled cubes of sweet potatoes, though leftover roast potatoes or peas work well too.
At this stage you need an eight-year-old daughter with an enthusiasm for cooking (otherwise you can do the next part yourself). Cut thawed puff pastry squares into fourths, then enclose a decent spoonful of the filling in whatever envelope fold you desire (if you are using the eight-year-old option, the origami folding that ensues may be more creative than the standard triangle favoured by staid middle-aged cooks). Brush with egg and milk wash, and bake for 15 to 20 minutes at 220oC. Delicious to nibble while watching Edward Scissorhands.


Anonymous said...

Isn't that the book I have too?

Anonymous said...

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