Thursday, September 21, 2006

Floriade in Canberra

Spring has sprung in Canberra, and that means going to the spring festival of flowers called Floriade. Not as big as the "real" Floriade but always a cheerful time because the weather is finally warmer and how could you not be happy when surrounded with so many tulips! The birds-eye view shows what the beautiful lake in the middle of Canberra looks like. We love to ride our bikes around the lake on the many bike paths.

At the Floriade I bought a big jar of curry powder: Agra Lamb and Coconut Curry blend to be precise. Mudgeeraba Spices makes a huge variety of curry powders, pickles, sambals and chutneys. Instead of making wet spice pastes, they prefer dry spice blends which don't have any preservatives. Their stall smelled delicious and exotic, and they have giant rice cookers filled with rice made with the different spice blends. I'll let you know how they work at home. For $20 you get a big jar which makes 18 curries (with 1kg of meat or vegetables, to serve 4 people).


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh! Ahhhh!! GORGEOUS!!!! :oD

Anonymous said...

The tulips look painted due to their vibrant colors...awesome!