Friday, August 25, 2006

Pumpkin and lentil soup

For this soup I soaked one cup red lentils and 1/2 cup brown lentils overnight (I don't always do this step). Then in the slow cooker I combined the rinsed lentils with 1 litre vegetable stock, half of a large pumpkin (chopped), and 4 onions sauteed with an Indian curry paste (Patak's Jalfrezi). I topped it up with boiling water and left it to cook all day. 1/2 hour before serving I added a 165-mL tin of coconut cream. Yum.


Real Blaux said...

The coconut is a brilliant idea. Do you know if (or think that) coconut cream (in Australia) is the same as coconut milk (in America), or a totally different product?

kentuckymama said...

WOW...I can just imagine how wonderful that would taste while snuggled up by a roaring fire on cold evening -aahhhhhh! I really am looking forward to cooler weather.

Ozegrrl said...

In Australia, coconut cream and coconut milk are different, and I would expect they'd be different in the US as well. Here, coconut cream is much richer, with a lot more fat; I think they press it out from the solids of the coconut. Whereas the coconut milk is less thick and rich, perhaps even being just the liquid in the centre of the coconut (I could be wrong). But coconut milk would also add the right flavor and especially if the soup is too thick, it would thin it nicely as well. So either would work.