Friday, August 25, 2006

Hot mama weekend

I'm escaping with my girlfriends for the weekend. And what does a hot mama bring along food-wise for a decadent weekend in the big smoke?

Champagne (of course)
Chocolate (duh)
Hot mama mushrooms (sauteed with garlic, chilli, lemon, and lots of olive oil)
Persian feta marinated in EV olive oil and herbs
Moroccan carrot dip
Grilled eggplant dip with cashews and Parmesan
Turkish bread
Creamy dreamy vanilla yogurt, muesli and rockmelon for breakfast
Italian coffee
Twinings green tea

My contribution for dinner tonight is a salad made with English spinach, roasted sweet potatoes and walnuts. Tazza is making slow-cooked eggplant/tomato/capsicum pasta sauce which -- to her eggplant-despising-husband's dismay -- is part of her weekly menu after seeing it, yes, HERE folks.

1 comment:

kentuckymama said...

Woo Hoo!!! :-o Hot Mama's on the loose!! {must get rid of my *green-eyed monster* ~feeling pang's of jealousy}...
Sounds dreamy! I really must set a date for a Mommy's get-away instead of just daydreaming...damn my perpetual planning. It is high time I execute this one! ;oP

Have a fabulous time!!!!!! Sounds like you've covered all the bases ;)