Sunday, June 11, 2006

Roast chicken and potatoes

I'm becoming Nigella Lawson. I only cook chickens the way she does now (with a lemon and rosemary inside, and upside-down so the juices -- read fat -- keep the breast meat moist) and tonight I even put two in at a time as she does... one for our putative picnic tomorrow (it's quite cold and rainy for a picnic!) and one for dinner.

Oh dear do I have to have parallel construction in this post and start this paragraph with "I'm becoming my mother?!" Ahh, ignore that thought like all daughters must. Anyway, I overcame my gravy fears with my mother at the stove 2 years ago. She said, it doesn't matter, just heat up the drippings with some liquid (the water potatoes were cooked in or stock), and add some flour shaken with water in a jar and it will work. And it works... not only when she is standing next to me!!! So tonight I am proud of two things: my gravy which still works despite an occasional flicker of concern at the aforementioned stove, and come on, you have to admit, those are perfectly golden-roasted potatoes.

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Faux Couture said...

Matt would love this meal!