Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pesto scrolls

I felt like cooking today and I had some leftover black olive/cashew "pesto" from the weekend. So I made some white bread dough in the breadmaker, with a extra dollop of extra virgin olive oil. Then I spread the pesto and some grated mozzarella cheese over a thinly rolled out rectangle of dough. After rolling it up and sealing it, I cut them into 3 cm slices and allowed it to raise for about 45 min before baking at 180C for 20-25 minutes. They are delicious... the kids devoured them after school and they'll have them for morning tea tomorrow.


Faux Couture said...

That looks so rich and Yummy!

I would have eaten the entire tray if I had been there.

T loves black olives.

Jennifer said...

Ohhhh those look super yummy! I think I will try to make some myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jennifer :o)