Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Kids' lunch today

I am very pleased with these insulated lunchboxes. The top smaller compartment houses the morning tea (10:30 am), and there is a larger section underneath for the lunch (12:30 pm). The red and blue ice blocks (next to the sandwich boxes) are frozen in the freezer and keep the lunch cool. I also have smaller ice blocks if the morning tea needs to be kept cold.

I bought the sandwich boxes at a Tupperware party... a social obligation which I wasn't enthusiastic about at the time because they were so expensive. But they have been very good... they close quite tightly but the kids can open them easily, and since it's one piece you don't lose the lid.

Lunchbox for A (on left):
Morning tea: a peach and walnuts
Lunch: Avocado and cheese sandwich plus a carrot

Lunchbox for T (on right):
Morning tea: a peach and a peanut/fruit bar (which A doesn't like)
Lunch: Chicken wing and mustard sandwich (ugh!) and a carrot

1 comment:

Faux Couture said...

Those lunch boxes are really nice! I would love to order one for J.

LoL, at the mustard sandwich :-D My kids don't like mustard.

It's great that A likes Walnuts, my kids think they taste too bitter.