Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday fresh produce

These are my fresh fruit and vegies for the week which I buy from the Fyshwick markets. There are about 5 different produce stores, which are somewhere between a farmers' market and a grocery store. They sell fresh food almost exclusively, and the quality is very good because they buy directly from the Sydney wholesale markets.

The total was A$67 = US$50. We usually run out of fruit by day 5 or so then I have to top up at the local grocery store. The most expensive was the tray of St. Henry peaches at A$13 = US$10.

Fruit: St Henry peaches, Valencia oranges, 2 big bags of gala apples, bananas, grapes, rockmelon (canteloupe), 3 mangos, 5 limes.

Vegies: carrots, Lebanese cucumber, 2 eggplants, red onions, garlic, snow pea sprouts, lettuce, spring onions (scallions), green beans, 3 red capsicums (peppers), snow peas, celery.


Faux Couture said...

Where do you buy your fresh produce? --at an outside farmer's market or grocery store?

Those peaches look so good!!!! Will you PLEASE make a peach pie this week with **whole wheat crust** and I will copy your recipe :-D

I love homemade peach pie but have never made one.

Faux Couture said...

Wow, our grocery shopping is so similar :-D

I wish you had posted a list of everything in the picture :-P

I can't tell what everything is.

Ozegrrl said...

I've changed the text in the post to answer your questions.