Friday, March 03, 2006

Frozen raspberries

These are the frozen raspberries I bought at the natural food store. Fresh ones are currently $6-8 for 150 g!!!!!!! Eeeek. But this kilo of frozen ones was A$15=US$11 which was the least expensive I'd seen them in a long time. I've been putting them in the kids' yogurt for their morning tea (without defrosting them), and this morning I had them on my rice porridge for breakfast. I often think about how much money you'd spend on a junk food treat... say a pizza for $16... and I think I will enjoy these more for the price (mind you I did thoroughly enjoy tonight's Friday night pizza, a celebration because T got an award at school today). For dessert tomorrow night I will make a peach and raspberry tart out of these... hopefully a picture tomorrow.

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Faux Couture said...

I'm thinking some fruit smoothies would be nice!