Friday, March 03, 2006

Thanks Mom!

My mom gives me money every year for Christmas and this is what I bought this year. I've been wanting to get a selection of essential oil for a long time and had a fun time choosing these. I love citrus, so I got lemon and grapefruit, and the juniper blends with those two to make a very refreshing and mind-awakening scent. The patchouli / rosewood / bergamot was part of an "Autumn calm" pack.

Then I also bought some "leatherwood honey and olive oil ultra rich moisture cream" from Beauty and the Bees. This Tasmanian company uses the best quality ingredients, and you can tell. The cream is very rich and smells gorgeous, with lavender essential oil. The ingredients are mountain spring water, organic olive oil, sesame oil, palm oil, coconut oil, castor oil, raw wheatgerm oil, cocoa butter, siam benzoin resin, leatherwood honey, and borax (presumably a preservative in place of parabens). This works so well as a night cream... my skin is still moisturized when I wake up, which is unusual for my dry skin.

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