Monday, March 09, 2009

Salmon on the BBQ

This was the first time I tried to BBQ salmon steaks on my (oh dear do I keep mentioning it?) Weber BBQ (oh but I love it).
Let me count more ways I love it... remember all those times you've tried to grill fish and when you flip it over the fish sticks to the grill and you end with a ragged fishy mess? Welcome to my new world. Whack the fish on the super-hot W*e*b*e*r B*B*Q ... reduce burners from high to medium... walk inside to take the roast potatoes out of the oven... walk outside full of apprehension... open the cover and easy-squeesy flip the salmon over. No sticking. Photogenic BBQ stripes. Cook a few more minutes then place triumphantly on dining table.


Greg said...

If memory serves I was around for the maiden voyage on the Weber BBQ, glad to see and hear it continues to produce outstanding results. Do you have a spare gas tank that is filled or how do you gauge when it's time for a fill-up?

Anonymous said...

All the new dishes look wonderful.

Willem said...

I agree that meal was delicious and I liked the smell of it cooking on your "Weber" BBQ.