Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tofu and daikon

I'm realising I've gone a little crazy in the brown rice and stir-fried greens department this week. It's what I'm hungry for, plus at the farmer's market I found so many beautiful greens last weekend.

I also found some small daikon radishes, only 2-3 cm in diameter. The big honking ones frighten me: I imagine them being too spicy and woody. I made a simple recipe from my Australian Women's Weekly Japanese cookbook: grated carrot and daikon dressed simply with some rice vinegar and a little sugar and salt. It was divinely yummy: sharp/sweet/refreshing. I also stir-fried some baby rocket with a sliced garlic clove and braised some tofu in a teriyaki sauce. A meal best eaten by combining all four dishes in each forkful.


Harmonia said...

WOW! You have an awesome place here! Mind if I link you?

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Ozegrrl said...

Thank you, Harmonia -- I'd be honored.