Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nutty bars without nuts

Our school has gone nut-free because of a new student with serious allergies to nuts and sesame seeds. But sunflower and pumpkin seeds are OK, so I made nutty bars from Vive le Vegan without the nuts. I used a mix of dried fruit and seeds from the natural food store. They are bound together with honey and sunflower seed butter (another happy discovery!) and topped them with chocolate flakes. They are quite more-ish, but a little too sticky. I ended up rolling them in coconut to absorb some of the stickiness. The kids like them either way. I find if I make things like this at home, with at least some nutritional value, then they don't clamour for lollies nearly as much.


nato said...

These look SO delicious! I love this kind of bar. Dried fruits and nuts are my bread and butter these days.

Ozegrrl said...

You've got to buy Vive le vegan -- it's another recipe from there.

Anonymous said...

Sacha is anti nut-free! We should just stick all those ppl w/ nut allergies on an island somewhere {{freaks!}}:-p