Saturday, February 03, 2007

Movie nights with B2

Brother B1 has a fun tradition of movie nights at his house. My niece (see thumb in picture) demands every platter in the house to be filled -- nay, overflowing -- with party food. The goal: excess. Choose a plate of cheese and crackers, shrimp, nuts, quesadillas, goldfish, chips, and Chex mix, then watch a children's movie with serious inconsistencies (WHY do the bulls have UDDERS?). For dessert: cheesecake cupcakes from the Cooking for Engineers website. These were delicious and simple. A 'nilla wafer (sweet biscuit for the Aussies) is placed on the bottom of a muffin cup, then it is filled with a cheesecake mixture, topped with either mandarin oranges or cherries, and baked. Mmmmm, my brother is a very good engineer cook.

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