Friday, December 08, 2006

Tofu tonight

My son told me this was the best tofu I've ever made. I simmered it in my normal sauce of spring onions, teriyaki sauce (from a bottle) and ginger. The only unusual addition was mirin (Japanese sweet cooking wine), so perhaps that's the trick! Served with brown rice; shredded carrot and cabbage in Paul Newman 'original' salad dressing; and canned baby corn (BIG hit with kiddies).


Anonymous said...

Your kids actually EAT your dinners? WOW! Doesn't matter what I make (even pizza) my girls reject it all! Luckily they eat lunch and breakfast...Do you think it's an age thing, or is it my cooking? :)
K's sis

Brother Greg said...

yikes.....i don't think they have tofu and/or cabbage in arizona?#$@%

Ozegrrl said...

Oh yes they do and I'm planning to cook it for you and make you eat it!!!! :)