Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Birthday party

For my son's birthday party he requested:

jelly snakes
bread sticks
frozen icy poles (popsicles) and ice cream

Wow, I think I got off easy, as no cooking was involved and he actually requested fruit, woo-hoo.

For the adults, I added some olives, Turkish bread and dips, cheese, and cashews.

The cake has been the same since he was 2: a chocolate bear cake, first spotted in his 'Toddler's Big Book of Everything'. The sour cream chocolate cake recipe is from Betty Crocker (circa 1985) and was topped with a REAL chocolate icing (250 g cooking chocolate melted with 250 mL cream) and oh man was the icing divine.

Pirate Pete made an appearance at the party for a treasure hunt.


KYmama said...

Now that looks like a FUN birthday party!! What a good Mum -and Dad :oD

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous cake! Would love the recipe! K's sis

Happy Birthday T!