Sunday, December 17, 2006

Copy of a Sumo salad

My new favorite lunch spot at the mall (hey! I've been Christmas shopping a lot lately!) is Sumo Salad. You can get a box of any of their salads for $8. Today, for instance, I had Thai chicken and rice noodle salad; tabbouleh with lentils; and felafel salad with rocket, pumpkin and couscous. Filling, light and delicious.
I made the salad in the photograph for a BBQ we went to last night, and I copied it straight from another Sumo Salad. Baby rocket, canned corn, diced red capsicum and tuna packed in chilli oil, tossed with the oil from the tin of tuna and some lemon juice. The chilli added just a little heat to the crunchy munchiness.

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