Monday, November 27, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the first year that I've bought a whole turkey in Australia. I remember when I was poor and in university, I used to buy a turkey because it was so inexpensive and I could eat it for months (from the freezer of course!). But here in Australia, it's more unusual and luxurious to buy turkey, let alone a whole one, because of the cost. This turkey was A$13/kg, which is equivalent to about US$5/lb. Whereas in the US, I recall turkeys being on sale this time of year for 29c/lb !!! Oh well, it was good to have it for the tradition.
This menu has become MY traditional Thanksgiving:
Mashed potatoes
Bread stuffing (baked in oven in a separate dish, like my mother does!)
Sweet potatoes with pineapple (I can't bear to do marshmellows)
Cranberry sauce
Green beans
Pumpkin and pecan pie with ice cream


Anonymous said...

Makes me feel hungry all over again!

Anonymous said...

You put me to shame! What a lovely spread! Ask K what we had....(This is S)

Anonymous said...

How many pounds was the turkey? I like the simplicity of your menu.

Ozegrrl said...

Hi, The turkey was 6 kg = 13 lbs. Yes, I like a variety of different vegetables done simply.

Faux Couture said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!