Thursday, November 16, 2006

Haloumi and vegies

I love haloumi cheese fried in olive oil until golden and melting. Alas no-one else in the family does, so it's only an occasional treat for me. It is salty and squeaky, and not unlike some of the deep-fried treats rumoured to be sold at Wisconsin state fairs. It tasted delicious with this melange of vegetables: oven-roasted pumpkin, corn on the cob, cherry tomatoes and zucchini. The zucchini was sauteed at a low temperature with 5-6 halved garlic cloves and olive oil. I squeezed fresh lemon over both the cheese and the zucchini, oooooooh yum.


nato said...

They don't like deep fried fat, um, I mean cheese? I am going to look for that cheese.

Anonymous said...

I love haloumi, too. Hubby likes it but kids don't, so I can justify buying a block reasonably often.

Donna Hay has a yummy recipe where you cook cherry tomatoes in a pan, then add the haloumi.