Saturday, September 02, 2006

Govinda's in Sydney

During my Hot Mama Weekend we tried out Govinda's which was an interesting experience! It is a restaurant/movie theater. First you have a Indian buffet dinner. We found the food a little disappointing: not all Indian; rather flavorless; and lukewarm. Not unlike a buffet at a friend's house, where you remember to avoid anything in a yellow casserole dish because you know the owner is an ordinary cook!

But it was all worth it when we went to the movie afterwards. We lay down on comfortable cushiony beds in the front row and this is the first giant image we saw:

And there was Johnny Depp, hovering giant and gorgeous, speaking directly to us: "Ladies, I am up for it all of the time." I was laughing hysterically, I think I embarrassed my friends! Then followed a very saucy and bawdy movie 'The Libertine'. It was pretty good, very funny, but with a grim ending for our Johnny.

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