Sunday, September 24, 2006

Cosmorex coffee

Cosmorex is my favorite place to buy coffee in Canberra. When my son was in preschool, I ran the coffee & cake cafe at the Fete, and another mother suggested her uncle's coffee store as a potential donor. I called them up and told the owner that we were having a Mother's day Fete and would he interested in donating coffee? He replied in a charming European accent, 'Yes of course -- mothers love coffee!' He certainly knows his clientele!

When I went to pick up the coffee and coffee machine that he generously let us use, I was amazed. They import green coffee beans from all over the world, then blend and roast themselves. The aroma was divine-- enough to drive a mother mad!

On my most recent trip I bought these two varieties (I love strong Italian-style coffee):

Rio Gold Blend: An espresso style roast with brisk full-bodied flavour. Smooth and strong Italian style at its best.

Kenya A grade plantation coffee: Washed high altitude coffee ranking amongst the worlds finest. Producing medium to full bodied, pungent and snappy brew with high natural acidity and characteristic lingering aftertaste. A big coffee.

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