Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bean soup

Five reasons why I love this soup:
  1. So easy to make, especially if you've got a busy day. I usually chop the vegies the night before and soak them with the 1 cup legumes (beans or lentils) overnight in ~ 1 liter stock. The next morning, before I leave for a busy day, I top up with 1.8 liter water (from the kettle) and leave to cook in the slow cooker all day long. When I get home from picking up the kids from school, I taste and add stock cubes (if needed) and extra virgin olive oil for the last couple of hours. Today the soup needed some more flavour so I added some tomato paste too.
  2. So inexpensive yet filling.
  3. The kids are actually eating beans!!! woo-hoo! (I started them on this soup using red lentils, which disappear with cooking. They haven't seemed to notice the progression to big chunks of identifiable beans)
  4. A good soup for when you're trying to lose weight. I don't add a lot of olive oil so it's basically vegies and beans... I eat as much as I want. It must be low GI, as you stay full for a long time afterwards.
  5. It's even better the next day. My son takes it to school for lunch in his thermos.


Faux Couture said...

are those potatoes I see ..how do they stay solid after cooking all day --i would think they would fall apart --?--

Looks very healthy and yummy :-D

Ozegrrl said...

Yes, they are potatoes and parsnips and turnip ( I bought a soup pack at the markets which has a little of everything.)
The funny thing is that in the slow cooker, vegetables stay reasonably intact even though you're cooking them for a long time, I suppose because of the low temperature. That's why I usually chop them into small pieces to cook through.