Friday, August 18, 2006

Lifetime supply of ribbon!

I've always wanted a paper mache pumpkin, and, well, now I have one. OK OK it never occurred to me that I would like one, but once I realised at the second-hand stall that it was filled with a lifetime supply of ribbon, it became a treasure! I imagine the pumpkin being crucial for Halloween or Thanksgiving.

But more importantly, do you have any craft ideas for all this ribbon? Surely T and A can make something wonderful with it.


kentuckymama said...

Ribbons...I think some puppets are in order :oD ohhh, and maybe collages...I must find some ribbon for my boys to make string mazes and gods eyes.

Ozegrrl said...

Oh, that's a great idea-- gods eyes.

nato said...

What are gods eyes? Have I been missing something all these years?