Monday, July 31, 2006

Fantastic book

Wow, this is a mind-blowingly-good book. A recommendation from my friend Kazza. Here's how good it is. You have to realize, I never buy books, especially not fiction, being the daughter of a librarian... I give the library a very good workout. But this book was due a week ago, and it's requested by someone else so I can't renew it, and I'm ACTUALLY PAYING 20c FINE A DAY JUST TO CONTINUE READING IT! Wow that's good for a cheapskate for me. I think it will cost me a grand total of $1.40 haha. Read it. It's very complicated and clever and funny and intellectual but with a fantastic plot... heck SIX fantastic plots.


Faux Couture said...

I found this review and it looks like a complicated read ..I'm not sure my ADD brain could keep-up :-p

"Cloud Atlas tells six different narratives, told in parts and out of order at times, constructing a novel with their intersections and coincidences. Each story is at first partially told. It begins with an American notary's journals during a South Seas voyage, This follows with a story in 1931 of a English cad working as an amanuensis for a blind, syphilitic composer. It jumps to reporter in the 1970s investigating a cover up at a nuclear reactor, then a futuristic fast food robot struggling to achieve sentience, and finally a Hawaiian ruminating on a post-apocalyptic life. Then the unfinished stories are completed in backwards order. David Mitchell's novel explores the intersection of history and humanity as they echo through time. Cloud Atlas has received mostly positive reviews with The Independent saying, "Cloud Atlas is a singular achievement, from an author of extraordinary ambition and skill, setting himself challenges that would drive most authors to madness. For the third time in a row, Mitchell has excelled himself."

kentuckymama said...

intriguing...I will have to pick this up.

Faux Couture said...

Just reading the review makes my head hurt :-p

I think I'll stick to my Anne Rice books and easy to stop and start non-fiction ...did someone say {{loser}} LoL

Ozegrrl said...

Well it sounds really complicated, which it is, but what the review fails to mention is that it's so fun to read, great plot and narrative despite the complex structure. Give it a go. Perhaps it will appeal from the standpoint that you never get bored because the story changes so frequently!

Faux Couture said...

ozegrrl wrote:
"Perhaps it will appeal from the standpoint that you never get bored because the story changes so frequently!"

{{LOL}Good point{LOL}}

Anonymous said...

Glad you liked it! It was so well-written and such an easy read, I forgot how complicated it was. I loved this book. I've got another one to lend you. This one I got at a garage sale, so you can take as long as you like to read it and not pay a cent!