Monday, July 03, 2006

Bean burritos on Monday

I wish my kids would enjoy eating beans other than canned baked beans. I personally thought these adzuki beans -- cooked with red capsicum and lotsa garlic -- were delicious but the kids only ate the requisite couple of mouthfuls. Oh well, at least they eat all the vegies and Tom loves the brown rice.

There is also an action shot of me cooking dinner... a classic 5 pm gossip with a girlfriend which makes all the difference while salad spinning.


kentuckymama said...

YUMMY!! Beans are one of my favorites...of course I do have an ongoing love affair with food! I too have the same prob with my boys -they just aren't interested in beans. Although, if mixed in a chili they adore them (they just don't know it ;oP)

Faux Couture said...

My kids will only eat beans if they are mixed with rice and veggies too :-/