Sunday, June 11, 2006

Roast pork a la Wayne County Fair

Two meals here. The first day, I cooked a pork loin roast all day in the slow cooker in a sauce of balsamic vinegar, honey and Dijon mustard. The meat was delicious but the sauce was slightly odd, perhaps too much vinegar, but still tasty. Served with sweet potatoes and apples fried in butter, oh because they are delicious that way.

Then I realised I had made pork BBQ very similar to that served at the community BBQ at the Wayne County Fair in Nebraska, and I simply had to serve it in a soft white roll... even better then next day! The fair was always at the end of summer, and it was the first time that we would see our school friends -- other than our neighbors and especially good friends -- after a summer of travelling and swimming and bike riding. I remember waiting in the very long line and shyly saying hi to my tanned and taller schoolmates and wondering how the coming school year would go. Of course every single person in Wayne (and their family) came for the BBQ ... pork buried in a pit for days... disintegrated and soft and sweet-BBQ-sauced on a white roll.

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Faux Couture said...

I would have to agree slow-cooked pork just *has* to be eaten on a white bread roll. YUM!