Monday, June 19, 2006

Rice heart and flower

Upon my request, DH brought these rice molds home from Japan. I don't think you're officially meant to use sushi rice (just plain leftover rice) but that's what I have tonight. I mixed in the leftover salmon, rinsed the molds with cold water, and Anna compressed them to make delicious, dense rice "balls" that hold together and are easy to eat for kids. They will be morning tea for the kids' lunch box tomorrow.

I've got a great cookbook with every imagineable rice ball recipe... one of DH's colleagues sent it to me. I've made rice balls with chopped and shredded vegetables (carrot, capsicum and cucumber); salmon or tuna; or leftover teriyaki chicken. I would like to try some more recipes sometime.

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Faux Couture said...

What a great idea!! I want some of those! I wonder If I can find some of these molds in Hong Kong this summer! That looks like so much fun for the kids. What a great idea..did I already say that?