Thursday, March 02, 2006

T's Artificial Volcano

T has a new teacher who encourages "free drawing" most days... I am so pleased. He loves to draw, and he usually makes very detailed mechanical drawings of fantastic contraptions. All the while he draws, he makes explosion noises, so it seems to be a very therapeutic task. This is a drawing of an artificial volcano. The "goodies" trick the "baddies" into parking their spaceship at the right, and then they steal their petrol (gas) and put it into the green tank. This petrol is then injected into the combustion chamber in the middle where rock is melted, and the resulting lava squirts out the top. The gray smoke is directed to the left through the pipe then up above. The blue guy in the upper left corner is wearing protective gear.


Faux Couture said...

What a complex drawing for such a little guy. Well done T.

williambaird said...

That is a pretty interesting drawing. How old is T? Can you answer that?

The food you are serving looks very good, and spans a wide range. There is a lot of variety in your meals.