Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Colourful dinner

I've had half a red cabbage lingering in the fridge for a while... and then I realized I also had some frozen cranberries leftover from holiday season. It reminded me of a recipe my Mom makes. She bakes shredded red cabbage, diced apple and fresh cranberries with some apple juice and cloves and brown sugar. I used orange juice instead, and added some cinnamon too. I only put a little bit of sugar in though (I usually put in only half of the sugar listed in American recipes!), and the cranberries were quite tart, which I didn't mind but I imagine the kids weren't so keen on (I disappeared right before dinner to see Walk the Line... oh man I want to date Joaquin Phoenix!!!!). The cabbage is baked in a covered casserole (180C for at least 45 min, probably more like an hour). I also put some cubed pumpkin (winter squash in the USA) in the same oven... I love roast pumpkin and it is so full of Vitamin A. While they were baking I used up leftover brown rice by cooking with some zucchini, canned tuna, and frozen peas and corn. I try to include a rainbow of vegetables each dinner, and this one succeeds admirably!

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