Thursday, March 09, 2006


By popular demand: a picture of my freezer. In the main part I've got vanilla ice cream, raspberries, stewed quinces in the back, coffee, carrot&apple icy poles, meat/chicken on the left side, 2 loaves of bread, crumpets, cheese tortellini, and the green basket holds the small coolers for lunchboxes. In the door I've got puff pastry, yeast, peas, corn and spinach.


Faux Couture said...

I have got to copy your homemade fruit ice lollies for the kids! It is getting warmer here and the kids and me will enjoy them!!!

Do your kids eat dessert every night after dinner? Do you have any dessert rules, like finish dinner before dessert or dessert only for special occasions etc...

I ask b/c I have always let my kids have dessert as long as they finish their dinner first.

T is on the heavy side and J looks anorexic. So I would love to give J fattening dessert stuff and give T fruit/low fat but that's way not fair. ---any ideas?

williambaird said...

That is the Becky sense of humor I recall. BTW, fridge and freezer are enviably neat and orderly.