Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Every week this summer I have been buying a tray of stone fruit from our fantastic fruit and vegetable shop Wiffen's. This week we got half nectarines and half peaches. The peaches have been consistently better, though, and usually I've been getting peaches only to meet the demand for the "furry ones". I love peaches in my breakfast gemisch of fruit, yogurt, honey, muesli, and Brazil nuts.

The subject of peaches came up recently among some friends, and everyone else was moaning about their poor quality. But our family was surprised... we have had superb peaches this summer!! Except... the previous week I went to a different fruit and vegetable shop and indeed, I got TERRIBLE peaches and I resolved to always go to Wiffen's !!! The peaches were grainy and flavourless, and I decided that I'd have to make a pie with them. It was the most beautiful-looking pie I'd ever made... and then my husband dropped it on the ground, shattering it into a mess of peaches and glass shards. Sigh. I had to rein in my temper, however, as I have wrecked 5 of his coffeemakers in the decade of our marriage.

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