Tuesday, March 17, 2009

4 o'clock brown rice

I love brown rice... but I don't think I will ever be able to move from part-time to full-time work because the best way to make it is to start soaking it at 4 o'clock. After an hour, I turn the rice cooker on and it's ready by 6 o'clock.

Perhaps I'd need to start working full time to have an excuse (and the funds!) to buy a Zojirushi rice cooker. Some of their models have settings for brown rice and whole grains (quinoa porridge? spelt pilaf?) as well as a delay timer so that the rice is cooked at a specific time (the next morning or when you get home in the evening). All but one of the models has a melody signal too... what's not to love... though a melody signal sounds like something you might grow to hate depending on the melody.

Tonight the brown rice was served with Mexican kidney beans, roasted sweet potatoes and yogurt.


Parton Words said...

Hey Bec,

Couldn't find e-mail for you. Sorry to contact you this way.

Read the piece in the Canberra Times. I've been on your blog before, but not for a while.

I spend a third of my life in the kitchen, a third on the radio and the other third blogging. I would love to chat with you on breakfast radio at 2CC.

I'm on mark661@live.com.au Come back at me and let know if you're up for a casual phone chat.


Cath said...

Hello Bec, I'm the Cath in the article. It looks like we're neighbours - cool! Perhaps we could have a coffee at Satis some time.

And where do you get those rice cookers you mention here?

Brian said...

I ran across a great series of videos on youtube starring '91 year old cook and great grandmother Clara' cooking and talking about recipes from the Great Depression era. You might find them interesting as well. Googling 'depression cooking youtube' took me right there.