Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Explosions and fires

Today my husband learned that some experimental seeds he sent to a colleague were on a Fed Ex plane that crashed at Narita Airport.

And this is the view out my kitchen window. The neighbour's car mysteriously caught on fire yesterday. Thank goodness no-one was hurt. We were home but at the back of the house, far from the fire. I didn't consciously smell any smoke but I kept thinking I might have left the burner on under dinner accidentally. I came out to the kitchen to check... and still didn't notice the wall of flames out my kitchen window until someone knocked on my front door and told me to get out of the house NOW! The kids and I ran out and watched horrified as it threatened both nearby houses ... but not even the trees burned. Kind and confident firefighters soon arrived and put the whole thing out in two minutes.

Do fires come in threes?!

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