Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bermagui: the food

We visited Bermagui this weekend.

Here's the view as we ate dinner at the Bermagui Beach Hotel Bistro. This is a traditional pub with reasonably priced family meals, with something for everyone on the menu (including a seafood platter, Dad!).

A coffee at Lamont's Lounge.

Smoked albacore from the Bermagui Smokehouse for lunch.

And finally: gelato from Cool-o-cream Gelati... though I prefer to call it the Bermagui Gelati Clinic due to its therapeutic qualities. 'Gelati' is spray-painted over 'veterinary' clinic which is a little off-putting until you see all the flavours... and then you forget everything when you taste it! This gelato is made with unusual ingredients donated by generous locals who share the extra bounty from their gardens.

We chose coffee, caramel cream, cherry guava and peach. Other favourites are kumquat, lemon, coconut, watermelon and yogurt. Next time I resolve to try green apple, red grape, and kefir (fermeted Tibetan milk with astonishing and varied health promoting effects, apparently).

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Zoe said...

Snap! Becky, my friend Nigel just did a post on the Clinic for my blog!