Tuesday, February 27, 2007

School lunches

This is my daughter's standard lunch box. Fruit and yogurt (usually frozen in my own little container) for morning tea. Egg or tofu with vegies (carrots, cucumbers or red capsicum) and bread/pita bread/crackers. This lunch doesn't have a treat but often I'll include a sweet biscuit or a slice (bar) or muffin as well.


nato said...

What a yummy nutritious lunch. Does the yogurt freeze well?

Ozegrrl said...

Yes, it's quite good. I usually freeze full-fat yogurt though -- you can probably tell ME the reason why it seems to taste better. It half defrosts by the time they get to morning snack.

Here you can get Go-gurts, which are in cool plastic tubes which freeze well then they can eat them like a frozen ice cream. So they are very popular with kids but I can't bear to buy them, they are so expensive and filled with chemicals. This is my solution.