Saturday, February 03, 2007

Back home

Back home to parrots outside my kitchen window.

The first meal I cooked after getting over jetlag was inspired by the new Joy of Cooking which brother B1 gave me for Christmas. Wow, it's a really good cookbook. I had the 1963 version, which was too old-fashioned, if complete (i.e. recipes for whale). The latest edition has a perfect mix of old favorites and new flavors. I especially like the information on whole grains and the range of international cuisines.
The recipes I used here are the Becker lamb patties and tzatziki (cucumber, yogurt, mint). I grilled the small patties on the BBQ, along with red capsicum, and served them in pita bread with spinach. Juicy and flavourful. Next time I'll add some sweet onion as well.

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yummy! yummy!