Friday, December 01, 2006


Mangos are definitely more seasonal than turkey dinners! We bought our first case of mangos this week and the kids are thrilled. Mangos taste delicious plus they are delightfully messy to eat. You cut the two 'cheeks' off, dice the flesh without removing the skin, then turn the cheeks inside out to eat the cubes of flesh. Then you gnaw the remaining flesh off the fibrous seed in one last decadent bath of mango juice.
When I first arrived in Australia, mangos were too richly tropical for me -- they tasted almost rotten to me. But my DH was intent that I would love mangos, and so he kept buying me them until I fell in love (with the mangos that is, I was already in love with him). In December we buy a case every other week until Christmas. Our school even has a very successful fundraiser where parents can purchase trays of mangos for $23 each!


nato said...

Mangoes are my favorite fruit. I used to buy very cheap cases when I was in Chicago. Yum, yum!

Brother Greg said...

Our new, favorite gluten free restaraunt is Bonefish Grill.....mahi mahi served w/ the mango salsa is the dinner of choice!

KYmama said...

I love the sweet sticky little hands as the juice runs down the little chin ;oD fantastic photo!