Thursday, November 02, 2006


I make pancakes on this non-stick pan which fits over two burners on my stove. Apparently this pan was quite a hit when my friend Kazza borrowed it to learn how to make potato latkes from her Jewish cooking class.

On top of the pancakes are Jalna premium vanilla yogurt; chopped apples; and the juice from a jar of cherries.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap!! Those look amazing!!! am I drooling ;oP

nato said...

We use the same double burner griddle to make pancakes. Ours doesn't have handles. Which yogurt is better? Jalna or King Island?

Ozegrrl said...

Definitely King Island. It truly is divinely delicious. Rich, with a perfect slight tang. Our favorite is honey cinnamon. But it's so rich that it feels like only a dessert yogurt. The kids lick every last bit off the spoon and container.

Jalna is better (not as rich) for everyday, and they have a lot more flavours. They sweeten with concentrated fruit juice. The vanilla shown is full-fat and tastes good as a result, but I prefer a lighter yogurt for myself.

Actually my (as opposed to the kids') everyday is Yoplait Yoplus Lite, which has no added anything except milk and cultures, and a simple good flavor without excessive tang (which I find many skim milk yogurts have). Which yogurt does your company make?