Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mrs Beeton

I can't believe it... how similar is this book cover to my ideas for my new blog graphics? The funny thing is that I wasn't aware of copying it! I had seen this book last night at the bookstore and then today I was blissfully thinking my new blog style idea was original. Clearly my subconscious was working overtime.

Mrs Beeton was the original Martha Stewart. Just from reading the back cover, I was struck by her similarity with Sarah Hale. Both women wrote about housekeeping in an era when that was what they were supposed to be doing -- instead of writing about it! So how did they remain credible when they were living quite unusual lives as writers and editors outside the home?

I'd not heard about Sarah Hale until my Mom sent A a book about how she wrote letters to 4 American presidents until finally Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday. It is an inspirational book for little girls (or boys!) who like to write.

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