Saturday, November 11, 2006

Fete treasures

Spring is Fete season in Canberra; schools and churches raise money by selling second-hand items, jams, books, cakes and plants. My name is Becky and I am addicted to Fetes. Here are the treasures I found this morning:

  • A 100% lambswool crocheted vest; Funkis skirt (from the shop I visited in August in Sydney); and a colorful scarf.
  • Little plates to hold cucumbers and carrots (I'm just guessing here).
  • Some boxes and stationery for daughter A's birthday (shh don't tell her). I will fill the boxes with such treasures as colored Blu-tac and paper clips. I can hear my mother laughing across the Pacific Ocean... this is the same present she used to give me as a child!
  • For son T, a book of Escher "kaleidocycles" which are three-dimensional paper models with repeating designs on the surface.

1 comment:

nato said...

I am addicted too. I wish I could go with you. What fun and I can't wait to read more about future finds.