Sunday, September 24, 2006

How to decorate a cake

This past weekend was the Lifeline secondhand book fair. Lifeline is a suicide prevention phone line, and this is their popular fundraiser which I look forward to (Canberrans are avid book readers so the pickings are very good). Here is one of my favorite finds for 50c (OK perhaps doctored a little.)

I really want to have a cocktail party so that I can use the black and white image as an invitation! The text reads 'The good cocktail hostess should be somewhat reckless, following every whim of her imagination and surprising her guests with novelties they have never seen before.' Hmmm, if you make tiny sandwiches out of miniature cookie cutters, are you really that reckless? You can figure out which side of the reckless fence I'm on by the fact that I actually purchased the identical tiny cookie cutters at a op shop (thrift store) a couple of weeks ago! I think I will embarrass DH next time he has poker with the boys at our house by serving a plate of these reckless creations.


Faux Couture said...

What great pictures and I was pleasantly surprised to see your extra "text" in the first picture ..nice, very nice!!!!

What a great invitation idea.

I was just this morning thinking about invitations for Tallulah's Mikvah...which is coming-up soon.

nato said...

Very clever!

Anonymous said...

How is the planning going for the cocktail evening? Obviously it will have to be a formal affair, jackets and ties, visit to the hairdresser the morning of the party, rehearsing bon mots, etc. I'm more than willing to give advice on olives.