Thursday, September 07, 2006

Congee-cum-chicken and corn soup

This one would win a gold medal in the Refridgerator Olympics. What do you cook when you have two sick kids and nothing in the fridge but two chicken carcasses and leftover cooked corn cobs? Well this soup worked a treat. I made a rich stock with the chicken carcasses and the corn cobs (with the kernels scraped off) and... oh OK, I did have a carrot and an onion. Then I sauteed more onion and carrot with some butter, added the stock with 1 cup short-grain rice (Arborio), and cooked the heck out of it until I got this buttery corn-sweet plain-rice soup. Soothing for sore throats and tempting for tired tots.

The detritus after cooking the stock

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Faux Couture said...

My kids love congee too.