Sunday, July 30, 2006

Friday shopping

Fruit: apples, mandarins, oranges, Josephine pears, rockmelon, strawberries, kiwi fruit, lemons

Vegetables: carrots, green beans, celery, spinach (Swiss chard), brussel sprouts, red capsicums, snow peas, mushrooms, avocadoes, baby Roma tomatoes, big tomatoes, turnip, spring onions


Faux Couture said...

That looks like so much fruit!

.... I'm kinda kinda looking forward to shopping and cooking again when back in the states ..I think :-/

Ozegrrl said...

I promise my family does eat every last bit. It's Sunday night now and we've already eaten the strawberries, half of the mandarins, the rockmelon, and probably a third of the apples (I usually have to top up the apples on Wednesday or Thursday). I don't say this often because I feel like a judgmental mother but I cannot imagine how you could have kids that don't eat fruit.

Faux Couture said...

Yeah, It sounds sooo b*tchy, but I agree:
how can a kid not like at least *one* of the many-many different kinds of fruit available :-/

We have a very strict rule of fruit first thing in the morning with a glass of fortified soymilk and if you are still hungry then you can have toast w/jam, cereal, oatmeal, eggs etc.... Call me cruel :-/

Ozegrrl said...

Oh I don't think that's cruel at all, it's very sensible. Fruit in the morning is so delicious. My favorite breakfast is fruit, yogurt, muesli with honey or maple syrup drizzled over. I feel so centred and right with the world afterwards, truly.