Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tuna and broccoli pasta

Wednesday night dinner was spiral pasta with tuna, capers, broccoli, garlic and spring onions, with Parmesan cheese on top. Same salad as last night, but no dessert. Anna didn't like this pasta because everything was all mixed up -- she would have eaten all the separate parts though, ah the logic is flawed is it not?! She ate mostly salad, cheese and pasta which didn't have bits clinging to it.


kentuckymama said...

hee!hee!hee! I know exactly what you mean! My boys prefer thier food seperate -for the most part ;o)

Tenth Ward Activist said...

Home Ecky Becky! I love this site. I want to make that granola bar thing. And I looked at Tom's drawings finally... They are sooo great!
Kelly in Minneapolis

Ozegrrl said...

Hi Kelly,
Thanks for stopping in and visiting! I love your drawings too, which I saw via Mike Garr's blog. I thought immediately of my son's drawings.... you two should collaborate! :)

Faux Couture said...

If you noticed in my recent post "Soup Dinner" the broth and soup veggies are in seperate bowls due to T's threat that she would not eat it mixed together :-/

If I do mix veggies and soup or veggies and pasta I try to make sure we are having a super sweet dessert and then I hang this over their heads throughout dinner and suddenly the complaints start to wane --go figure! {{evil grin}}.

Brother Greg said...

Here is my basic guideline if the first version doesn't work with the kids...

Step 1..add corn

Step 2..add gravy

Step 3..add cheddar cheese to the top and call it supreme

In the end, the kids may not eat more but you can't go wrong w/ steps 1, 2 or 3.