Friday, June 30, 2006

Pumpkin risotto

So I started with a whole Jap pumpkin last week. I used half for the roast chicken dinner; a quarter for the chicken noodle soup; and eeeek I still have a quarter left which I used to make this risotto. Oh man I love this cookbook... checked out for the second time from the library which is usually a hint I should buy it for myself. This is the same cookbook where I got the recipe for beans and rice which worked perfectly. And here, this pumpkin risotto worked perfectly and was easy. I sauteed a chopped onion in the rice cooker for 2 minutes, then cooked the Arborio rice for about 4 minutes. Then I dumped in the stock (water + a cube) and chopped pumpkin, set the timer for 20 minutes (it won't turn off because risottos are more liquid), and ouila, after a quick stir, risotto!! It was delicious -- the pumpkin melted and formed an oozy orange starchy liquid to bind the rice. Perhaps not your perfect, stand-and-stir-at-the-stove-for-30-minutes risotto, but quietly, I've never been able to tell the difference between the dumping and stirring varieties. I topped it with Parmesan cheese last night, but today at lunch I'd run out of cheese and it was good with chopped avocado instead.

OK, I'm sick of pumpkin now.

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Faux Couture said...

That looks so good, did I mention I'm not cooking or washing-up once while here in HK. We have hired a full-time cook :-P
--hate me, hate me :-P