Friday, May 12, 2006


As a child, I scrupulously watched to make sure my mother would divide the Kraft macaroni and cheese equally. As a college student, I would revel in eating the whole box myself... and I still am partial to the glow-in-the-dark-orange variety which retails for 29c. I remember being surprised when I arrived for a babysitting job as a teenager, and the rather arty and wholesome mother was actually making mac-n-cheese from scratch: what's the point of all that extra work? But now that I am a perhaps too earnestly wholesome mother, I find myself making a cheesy white sauce as well, and I do think there is a point... it is delicious. This is my comfort food, and my son's firm favourite.

For a 500g bag of pasta, make a white sauce with 3T butter and flour, a little onion and garlic, mustard for extra zing, and 3 cups whole milk (heated up in microwave before adding, to speed cooking). Then sundry and forgotten bits of cheese are stirred in to melt; here, gouda and grated Parmesan. Best served when husband is at a rugby game, to avoid being called a corn-fed Nebraskan dairy princess.


Michael Garr said...

Mac-n-cheese was the meal of choice when Nato was incubating our Maximillian. It is one of the Gods of Midwestern comfort food. I especially like the crusty top but that goes for just about everything
in my world.

Faux Couture said...

I just wish you would use a whole grain pasta :-P

Although, I have to admit when I made homemade Mac for the kids last month I *did* use a white flour egg pasta is so much tastier the junk-food-way :-D

And BTW, I too love the taste of pre-packaged mac-n-cheese!!!! Who doesn't!!

Nato said...

Does he really call you that? How can he when I am sure he loves the taste as well. Just don't let him catch you serrving the blue and yellow box, cuz then he may have a point!