Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hamburger helper

Dinner at my childhood friend Anne's house was generally a hamburger casserole with a sour cream sauce and five bowls of different vegetables in a white sauce (you might guess she lived on a dairy farm). Was I subconsciously trying to recreate that experience for dinner tonight?

On this first cold day of winter, my vision was a plate of Swedish meatballs with plenty of sauce for mashed potatoes. I don't believe, however, that Anne's mother would have put leftover millet and Tuscan eggplant tapenade in her meatballs, but in a fridge-cleaning-out effort I did, and they were superb. I browned the meatballs, cooked in beef stock and then thickened with flour and water. I sauteed the sundry leftover bits of green vegetables to serve on the side. Very delicious... and then I realized I had just made homemade Hamburger Helper!

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Faux Couture said...

Matt is here with me and has asked: "That looks great, when are you making that?"