Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday shopping

Fruit: apples, navel oranges, tiny sweet mandarins, and crimson seedless grapes.

Vegies: 1/2 red cabbage, 2 Jap pumpkins ($1.50 each and so sweet and flavourful!), carrots, green beans, Brussel sprouts, celery, spring onions, broccoli (finally less expensive!), lettuce, tomatoes.

A bargain at A$49 = US$37.

I also bought some dried adzuki beans, fine polenta (cornmeal, to make the cornbread I've been craving) and millet (inspired by the wide variety of grains in fauxcouture's diet).


Faux Couture said...

Are those green beans or Chinese long beans?

And I also need to make some cornbread with the cornmeal I bought a month ago..I'm so lazy:-p
--I have to really motivate myself to bake, and your menus always motivate me :-D

when do I get to buy your cookbook?

Faux Couture said...

Oh, and this is my recipe for Japanese pumpkin soup. (BTW, isn't japanese pumpkin the best!!

Dice a big whole yellow onion, cook with lots of oil until clear. Add a bunch of peeled and chopped raw pumpkin, then fill the pot with vegetable stock until it just touches the top of the pumpkin. Boil until pumpkin is soft and mushy, then use a potato masher and mash-up pumpkin right there in the pot. Add and a little date sugar and salt. I like my soup very thick and creamy.

This is one of my favorite soups.

I used to make this all the time when we lived in Hong Kong 'cause Japanese pumpkins were avaliable year round.

Faux Couture said...

And aren't Japanese pumpkins a pain in the bum to peel raw!

Ozegrrl said...

Just plain old green beans. I did try the Chinese long beans, and liked them a lot, but these were cheaper and we are on Austerity Plan #37.

I love these pumpkins too, I just tried them recently; the Italian family who runs my produce shop grows them organically themselves and they are so good. I've only baked them so far... because then you don't have to peel them!! I love pumpkin soup too. Sometimes I make it with Thai curry paste and add coconut cream at the end. I had it last weekend garnished with sour cream and fresh basil, that was good. I also sometimes make the soup half lentils or yellow split peas because the kids don't notice the legumes (I'm trying to get my kids to eat more beans and lentils).

nato said...

Do the Japanese pumpkins taste like chestnuts? What is another name for them? The Greenstar Co-op used to get a squash called "chestnut squash". They looked just like that and were so yummy. I have never been able to find them again.

nato said...

A friend of mine was looking at your blog and she was amazed and impressed with a family that eats that much fruit. It is great that your family enjoys natural sweets and it is so good for them.