Monday, April 03, 2006

My living room today

It was such a lovely sunny today and my living room seemed the perfect place to be. We have both extensions in our dining table because we had 8 adults around it for dinner last night... it's such a pleasure to have a large dining table! It is the table Peter's family owned when he was a child. I bought the crocheted table cloth at a school fete for $10, and it fits the table perfectly. It reminds me of the tablecloth we had at my Grandma's farm.


Faux Couture said...

Does your kitchen open-up to the dining room or is it only connected by a door? I guess I should have just asked, --do you have an open kitchen :-P .

I love you dinning room and living room, they are so sunny. My front rooms are a bit too dark for me and I want to tear down a wall from our front room to a spare bedroom so that we can have more light just like your living room.

Ozegrrl said...

it's an open kitchen. when i took the photos i was standing just in front of the work island that separates the kitchen and dining room. i love having one big room like this, especially since it's North facing (which is the right direction in the S. hemisphere)