Friday, March 31, 2006

Rice salad

Sigh, almost finished with all my cooking today (baked beans or fried eggs for dinner tonight, for sure!). I needed a salad which I could make today and be good for dinner tomorrow night, after we're gone all day poking around Yass. So I made 2 rice-cooker-cups of brown rice in the rice cooker, and mixed with frozen peas & corn and briefly blanched green beans and carrots (it occurred to me later that next time I should simply put the green beans and carrots in the steamer tray while the rice cooks). Then I tossed with Paul Newman Caeser dressing. This salad tastes better the longer it's in the fridge... the rice absorbs the dressing. At the last minute I'll probably garnish with some fresh tomatoes.


Faux Couture said...

My kids love eggs for dinner!!

claire said...

Hi ecky Becky,
am stealing lots of you recipes. hope you had a great do you find the time to cook all this stuff and write about it as well.
love to DH Annalovebugs and tomcraft